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Potassium Hydroxide

KOHWhite in color, in powder form


In industry, potassium hydroxide is used in the production of liquid soap in the production of arabic soap and in the production of many cleaning products.             In general, it is used instead of sodium hydroxide in substances where sodium level should be limited. It is used in foods, dyestuffs, rubber production and organic synthesis.

It is used in the preparation of potassium salts, in carbonate compounds, in phosphate compounds, in nitrate compounds, in permanganate compounds, in permanganate compounds, in xanthate compounds and in the synthesis of iodide compounds, in the production of industrial grade detergents, in the creation of fertilizers in solution, in insecticides and weed killers, in the production of pigments, in the production of rubber compounds, in paper for the rubber industry, in the photographic industry, in the medical industry, in alkaline batteries, i.e. in battery production.

Potassium hydroxide or potassium hydrate is a chemical compound. It is a white solid that is incandescent volatile, melts at 360 °C, dissolves in water by releasing heat. As an alkaline base, potassium hydroxide has a wide range of uses. In industry, it is used as an electrolyte in batteries and in fertilizer production.

Potassium hydroxide is frequently used in agriculture, especially to balance the pH of acidic soils and to make them alkaline. It is also used in the production of pesticides. It is also used in medicine and industrial chemistry.

Potassium hydroxide has a wide range of uses in industrial chemistry. It is used in the production of recycled paper,  

also in veterinary medicine to make some animal medicines. Potassium hydroxide is a CO2 scavenger, so it is used in plant experiments    

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